What is Bitcoin Z

BitcoinZ is a Privacy CryptoCurrency. Btcz was reportedly launched on 9 Sep 2017 with no premine, developer fees, ICO, and was not a chain fork of any coin. BitcoinZ has also committed itself to always being GPU mineable and ASIC-resistant. BitcoinZ uses zkSNARKs for privacy (similar to ZCash).

BitcoinZ prides itself on 100% community inclusion - the community posts open and public proposals for change that are voted on. Progress is achieved by volunteerism, with some proposals seeking a budget from community donations - mostly from member mining activities and pools supporting the project by setting their pools to auto-donate.

Here are some tips

BitcoinZ main site : www.btcz.rocks

Our Official Wallets : www.btcz.rocks/#wallets

BitcoinZ Poker Telegram : Telegram

BitcoinZ Poker Discord : Discord

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Our partnership

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Some exchanges where you can exchange your Btc to Btcz. Register and verify your identity. Changing in this way can be a bit slow.

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