What is Bitcoin Z

BitcoinZ is a Privacy CryptoCurrency. Btcz was reportedly launched on 9 Sep 2017 with no premine, developer fees, ICO, and was not a chain fork of any coin. BitcoinZ has also committed itself to always being GPU mineable and ASIC-resistant. BitcoinZ uses zkSNARKs for privacy (similar to ZCash).

BitcoinZ prides itself on 100% community inclusion - the community posts open and public proposals for change that are voted on. Progress is achieved by volunteerism, with some proposals seeking a budget from community donations - mostly from member mining activities and pools supporting the project by setting their pools to auto-donate.

Here are some tips

BitcoinZ main site : www.btcz.rocks

Our payment gateway : www.pay.btcz.app

BitcoinZ Poker Telegram : Telegram

BitcoinZ Poker Discord : Discord

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Our partnership

We have made an agreement with Athena Crypto Bank to allow to our users a quick way of exchanging or helping those who don't know how to do it. We created this services only to allow people who want to play fast on our website to exchange their BTC to BTCZ for playing poker. Here you can exchange Btc to Btcz and vice versa very quickly!

With Athena it will also be possible to exchange Euro Usd or GBP to BTCZ by bank transfer (with limitations).

Athena Crypto Bank can also help you to buy or sell BTC with bank transfer or other way. It is a consulting company that will help you for free and advise you the best option to buy Bitcoins in Euro, USD or others currency. You can find more information here: www.athenacryptobank.com

The Exchange made is slightly higher than a normal exhange to allow us to quickly change your BTC and not to lose with Exchange and sending fees. No registration, no KYC. You will get your BTCZ just sending a simple message!

We do not allow you to exchange large amounts of coins: in case you want to exchange a large amount we recommend using a normal Exchange.

You can contact Athena Crypto Bank and start playing poker in up to 20 minutes.

Accepted payments: Crypto / Bank Transfer / Debit Card / Cash Deposit

Telegram : https://t.me/athenacryptobank

Messanger : https://m.me/athenacryptobank


Some exchanges where you can exchange your Btc to Btcz and vice versa. Register and verify your identity. Changing in this way can be a bit slow.

Check on the Oficial BtcZ site: https://btcz.rocks/#exchange